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Hi, everyone, my name’s Age, and that’s a picture of me to the right.

I always think it’s good to put a face to the name.


I have set up this site to help and assist anyone and everyone that has ever dreamt of making an income on the internet.


I firmly believe that anybody can make a financial success online.

I have been online for about 6 years, and making a good living for just over 4 years. I would love to say that I had been making a great income for the full 6 years but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Like most people, I have had my ups and downs, great successes and failures. You see, I was no different to the vast majority of online starters, and accepted that the initial peaks and troughs were all part of the learning curve.

It was only later, when I’d gained some experience that I realised the ups and downs did not have to be par for the course,  if I’d only found the right help and guidance from someone that really cared for the success of others.

There is a certain high failure rate in our industry (which, I will discuss in more detail, in a later post). A fair percentage of those failures, however can be attributed to people just plain giving up. Some, I’m sure would have come across an obstacle or obstacles and decided that they were insurmountable and just gave up on their dreams. Others would have failed due to lack of training, either from within their chosen program/investment or from their upline and sponsor, which is a great shame.


As I stated above ‘I firmly believe that anybody can make a financial success online’.

I am sure you are aware of the phrase there is no such thing as a “free lunch”, so do be prepared to put some work in, however success can be achieved. If you can follow simple instructions, be coachable, apply a  consistent work ethic and discipline yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

You can certainly increase your odds of success, by following someone that has blazed the trail before you, been through the up’s and the downs and achieved what they set out to do. By having someone like me in your corner to offer that support and advice in times of need you may find priceless. Whilst I personally cannot guarantee your success, you can virtually guarantee it just by following the words of the Great Winston Churchill and ‘Never, Never, Never, give up’.

I would advise anyone starting off and looking to make money from an online venture, to accept that you will encounter various hitches, glitches, mismatched information and whole host of other problems during your journey to online success. However when you do suffer your trips and falls, and encounter the problems treat them as challenges and think of them as positive experiences, no matter how negative they may feel at the time. Then just as I did get up, dust yourself down, note the painful lesson, learn from it and moved forward……………………………………… because the rewards are soooooooo worth it.


I have had a few careers during my time in the workplace, including the Royal Navy and the Assurance/Investment World. I loved my years in both, but can honestly say these past 6 years have been the most rewarding and enjoyable.

During my time as a Financial Adviser I quickly became involved  in the training of new reps coming into the industry. I found it to be a very rewarding experience, and just knowing that I’d played a large part in their continual growth, provided me a certain satisfaction.  As a people person, I also enjoyed working with my clients researching and providing them good sound investment, savings and pension advice. It was always a thrill going back to show them the positive performance of their investments, as I love seeing the success of people I become involved with.

Part of the reason for me setting up this website is to reduce the failure rate of people wanting to achieve their financial goals working on the internet.

I intend to do this by providing you with:-

  • tools
  • reviews
  • programs
  • help & advice,
  • and sensible articles that will guide you and aspire you.

Furthermore, I will look to include other helpful ideas, suggestions and content as my site evolves..

Should you require any advice or support feel free to contact me any time, just leave your comments below, I love to hear from you, and remember to regularly check out my blog as I am always updating it with new information. Stay focussed, determined and consistent and I can assure you the life of your dreams will become reality.

I know you can make it, just remember……….

Think Big, Dream Big, and Go for it

See you here soon,


Helping People……Help People


Founder of How to Make Thousands A Week Online
email. age@thousandsaweekonline.com