Internet Business Scams

Internet Business Scams are Constant!

Internet business scams are constant, alright! They are constantly on the rise. More and more unscrupulous characters are swelling the ranks of the shady and uncaring scammer community. Their only interest is sucking as much money as possible from the unwary, unversed and usually the new internet business dreamers. There is nothing wrong with dreaming of having a successful business online, I assure you it can be done, you just need to follow a set of common sense rules and proceed with caution.


Avoiding The Scams

Working online is a fantastic way of earning a living and has many advantages over an ordinary J.O.B, but you do need to be wary and not accept all statements at face value. I would always advise that you fully check out any business opportunities that present themselves to you. This will reduce your risk of being taken for a ride. The saying “all that glitters in not gold” is very true and is just as applicable in the online world as anywhere else. Please don’t swallow the sales pitches that tell you that making money from this scheme or that scheme is easy, don’t be fooled into thinking that you will be making thousands of dollars within a matter of days or weeks, as some will have you believe. Always seek good help and guidance to increase your chances of traveling the right path and avoiding the scams.

Becoming successful online is not a complete walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination and could be considered as a struggle through a forest. A forest where there are many wolves peddling low value scam products and others employing tricks and setting traps to trip you up and catch you out, just to take your money. These tricks and traps masquerade as programs, schemes and services “they say” you need and must have, but in most cases are only made available to rip you off.


It’s unfortunate but sadly a true fact, that most people will get scammed at some point, during their endeavours attempting to achieve success online (it does seem to be par for the course). In fact over 90% of all people that buy an internet related product will be “ripped off or short-changed” at some point, and left out-of-pocket. This gives the industry in general a bad name, and that doesn’t sit easy with me. It’s a little unfair and not fully deserved because marketing on the internet is a great business to be involved with. It can be a very enjoyable experience and produce a life changing income without the need to resort to shady dealings or negative tactics.


Helping Others To Be Successful

You don’t have to be sneaky or underhanded to make a living on the internet. In fact doing things the right way by helping others succeed pays great dividends. It will lead to longevity in your own business as well as providing you with a very good living over time, but it doesn’t happen over-night. The good guys help other people achieve success without ripping them off. They provide good training and guidance and are there to help when associates and members are stuck or show them where to find the assistance they require.



A fantastic and very apt quote from Zig Ziglar sums this up well :-

“You can have everything in life, you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

……so very true…….think, how you can help others – rather than what’s in it for me.



Even if you have only been searching online opportunities for a short period of time it is almost certain that someone has tried to sell you a scam or have attempted to hoodwink you. The online world is full of sneaks ready to try to rip you off, but thankfully, there are some good companies out there, people who will provide great products, services, training and guidance. These are the ones you’ll want search out and find. If you are successful in finding these providers sooner rather than later, you will save yourself a whole heap of trouble, heart-ache and wallet-ache.


Don’t Let Them Fool You

Please do not be fooled by any of the scammy product sellers with their slick videos and sweet promises of quick success. As I said earlier you will not be earning thousands of dollars within a few weeks of using their new ‘Back Door Trick’, their ‘Super Secret Software’ or the ‘Black Hat Method’ that no-one else knows about. Seriously it isn’t going to happen, that’s just the sales hype.
However, don’t be downhearted, just do your research first. Find and become involved with companies that have proven track-records, are trustworthy, have longevity and provide good training, which can be substantiated. Aligning yourself with these types of companies will put you on the path to your dreams and within a reasonable space of time you can soon be earning the money you’re looking for and deserve, without being tricked out of it before you start.

Your Success In Mind

For a lot of people, this will be a new experience, and like most, trying to make money on the internet you will want success to happen quickly, however remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like any new venture or job of work, you have to learn the basics first, “the Why’s, the What’s and the How To’s”, (even if you have done something similar before). You have to serve your apprenticeship and learn how to do the business from the bottom, up. Being able to plug-in to the training at anytime is an important key element in any business, as is getting your questions answered in a timely manner, I believe these two aspects should go hand-in-hand.

There can be many pitfalls along the way, new ideas, method changes and altered systems. Coping well with these changes and alteration could mean the difference between success and failure in your business or new venture. Therefore, in my opinion, it is imperative that you are able to lock into, not only a good standard of easy to follow training which is current but a free training package, which is continually improved and up-dated. Sometimes even if the training is superb, you still may get stuck or not be able to follow and understand a particular section, for this reason I firmly believe that having an area to get your questions answered quickly by experts who have trod the path before is of paramount importance. These experts would be able to save you so much time answering your queries, pointing you in the right direction, revealing short-cuts, and providing assistance, guidance & help.


In Conclusion

Earning a full time income online is very achievable, though you must understand and accept that time, effort and some money has to be invested to reap the rewards. The online space is a fantastic arena to work within but you do have to consider a number of aspects when deciding on the particular sector you wish to pursue.

Each sector can provide you with an income, if you are willing to put the work and effort in, however unfortunately all the sectors do suffer from one other common theme, “scams”. The scammers are everywhere, setting their traps to trick you out of your money, so be very wary and consider your options before parting with your cash. There are a number of actions you can take to lessen the impact of the scammers on your financial future. I have mentioned some marketing ploys and sales hype they used to capture your interest and I will highlight these in the list below.

  • Fully check out any programs, schemes or businesses before parting with any cash. – Do your research first, look up who is involved with the scheme, who’s promoting it? What are the refunds like?
  • Do not accept all statements at face value. – Look out for the exaggerated claims of easy, fast money and embellished stories of rags-to-riches in weeks or months.
  • Don’t get sucked into believing all the hype in their sales videos. Are they making, what would seem to be outrageous claims in the videos? Does this fantastic program, they want you buy, involve a ‘secret piece of software or a back door trick’ that nobody else knows about. Does the program sound to be too good to be true?
  • Be suspicious of all hyped sales patter, (Guru Boo-Hoo), check out as accurately as possible the costs involved, be concerned about the up-sells and down-sells.
  • Ask yourself some questions – Do I really need this program? Will I be able to use it? Will I use it? Is it going to make me money or cost me money?
  • Check out sites like this one www.thousandsaweekonline.com for information on schemes and programs to Avoid, as well as others you may wish to consider joining.

Heed To The Warning Signs

OK, so you now know some of the warning signs you need to look out for. Heed these and they will lessen the chances and hopefully prevent you from being scammed in the future. Just beware of the ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, they very rarely work.

Quoting the character – Sergeant Phil Esterhaus – (Hill Street Blues 1981-1987)

“Let’s be careful out there.”

Finding honest reviews of various products and programs is not an easy task at all, but they are out there. I would openly and happily say that this one is one of them (but then again, I would say that – wouldn’t I ?) , so you must decide for yourself, having read the entire article.

Just beware of clicking on any reviews of products or programs and reading nothing but praise for them and finding the article littered with clichés indicating how easy and quickly you’ll be making lots of money. If you see any of these phrases Easy, Effortless, Loophole, Full Proof, Automated, Done For You, – Start looking for the ‘Bull’ and run away.

This business can be extremely rewarding, but remember, you cannot make money online by sitting back and doing nothing. You firstly require the right guidance and training and secondly you need to use that guidance and training (Take Action).

There are legitimate programmes out there, which can teach you how to make hundreds and thousands online in an honest way, here’s my (#1 recommendation). I know how much time, energy and money this has saved me, and now it is making me money as well………Result!……….

Having the suspicion of being constantly lied to, misled and being hoodwinked is not a great feeling to have and can serious dent your enthusiasm to succeed online. I have never been one for giving up so continued with my search for an ethical, honest, safe and sensible way to make money on the Internet. I spent a lot of time, energy and money looking for the right way, I eventually found it here, and would recommend anyone to take a look. Unlike a lot of other systems, which make big claims and promises but only end up ripping you off and scamming you. This one provides excellent meaningful training, is honest, straight forward and will give you realistic ways of making a great income online, and it’s truly free to join, get on board.


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