Is Yoonla a scam?

Is Yoonla a scam?


In this review I will be examining Yoonla and providing you with an honest and unbiased opinion on the product and answering the questions:- (a) Is Yoonla a scam? (b) Would I recommend it?

In these reviews, I do like to provide help and advice to my readers. My intentions will always be to highlight the positive and negatives of the product under the spotlight.

I will do this by giving due consideration to the actual program, service or product, the history of them and of those involved in bringing them to market. Where necessary, I will  warn people of any that show signs of malpractice, misleading advertising, omitted information, over-hyped sales and basically any signs of dodgy dealings.

Consequently I will praise and recommend any program, service or product, which can help with making money online. My main area of concentration will be on internet and affiliate marketing. I will highlight those, which will assist and provide quality information, deliver good, worthwhile training of a current nature and are value for money.

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After reading this review and my recommendation, good, bad or ugly you will have enough information, to make an informed decision as to whether this product is something you should get involved with or avoid and not waste your money.

Yoonla was created in Sept 2016 by New Zealander Reno Van Boven. He seems to be a very personable and likeable guy, and certainly knows digital marketing very well. He has been a marketer and program developer for some 12 years and has had a number of digital project successes since 2006. These include what I believe to be the two fore-runners to this product, both now dis-continued, I’ll touch on these a little later.

What Exactly is Yoonla ?

When Yoonla started originally in 2016, it was called Yoonla Foundation and was quite basic in concept and the training was not really great. The premise of the creator Reno Van Boven, was to design a simple product around affiliate marketing, which also used CPA (cost per action or cost per acquisition) to generate a small initial commission for those joining as free members.

These commission for the members (including the free members) amounted to $1 or $2 per sign up. Once the email addresses of the leads were confirmed as legitimate and your minimum pay-out of $50 had been reached,you could draw down the money to your paypal account.

The ultimate was to attract the free members to become VIP members, which would enable them to earn a lot higher commissions from affiliate marketing of two associated products the creator had connected to the system. The two products required were web hosting from Yahoo small Business and a Getresponse auto-responder. These were necessary to set up and host a Yoonla squeeze page and store collected email addresses.

You were not aware at the time when up-grading and nothing was explained, but both the hosting and auto-responder were Affiliate Links of Yoonla’s creator Reno Van Boven.  These products earned him money, which appeared a little sneaky and I think if he was upfront about it at the start , he would have gained more creditability. I don’t have a massive problem about that, as he did set up the system, provided some training and does deserves to get paid.

After all, he is running a business, plus members that upgraded their accounts would be earning more commission and building their own email list, which they would use to market other products. The cost of the initial upgrade, to purchase the web hosting and auto-responder from his Affiliate Links was about $80+ for the first month and then an on-going $15 per month thereafter.

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Reno always intended to grow Yoonla and add to it over a period of time. Yoonla Foundation was the first phase of a 3 phase design and is no longer applicable.

The Foundation stage finished in December 2017, there was a period of reorganisation during the Christmas time and into January 2018. Phase two of Yoonla commenced in February 2018.

Yoonla Evolve


Phase two of the product is called Yoonla Evolve/Elite and takes the product up a knotch or two. The Evolve phase encompasses a few changes, and has had a commission structure over-haul.

The product is still based around affiliate marketing and CPA marketing, however free members can no longer earn the CPA commissions. These commissions of $2 and $4 (depending on the country the lead is from), are now only applicable to upgraded members who sign up to the getresponse auto-responder and the yahoo hosting account.

To be honest these tools are relatively inexpensive and would have to be purchased anyway from someone (for this type of online marketing). Both are good quality tools and can be used with other offers you may wish to promote and signing up with Reno Van Boven (or anyone’s) affiliate link does not increase the cost of these tools to you.

The CPA element of the program does not require you to sell any product to make the commissions, these will be paid to your account for every person who clicks on your affiliate link and signs up with a valid Email address.

Other alterations to the commission structure of Yoonla Evolved are connected with up-grade element, which is called Elite. Additional commissions of $30 are generated for these members when any of their leads decide to market Yoonla themselves and upgrade to become an Elite members. A further amount of can be added to the affiliate account holder if any of their own affiliate’s leads, upgrade to Elite. This amount is split 50/50 between the two affiliates and could amount to a further $30 for each party.

Hand in hand with these increases in commissions and the potential of more members joining the Elite status, the minimum pay out threshold has increased from $50 to $199. The payment method at present is still Paypal but additional payment methods are likely to be secured in the very near future, watch this space….

By Yoonla Evolve/Elite providing this upgraded platform with likely higher premiums payable, it does provide the option of the potential for greater earning opportunities.

Yoonla’s -Two Fore-Runners

In the third paragraph at the start of this review. I stated that I believed that there were two Fore-runners to Yoonla (previous versions) both devised and brought to the market by Reno Van Boven and both now discontinued. These two programs were called Auto Affiliate X  and Affiliate App System.

The similarity of these two programs to Yoonla were……..well I’ll let you decide……

Auto Affiliate X                                                                        

The first (fore-runner) product was Auto Affiliate X. This program was based on giving away free software, which basically created a lead capture page or squeeze page.

You advertised this to attract people to sign-up for the free software. For each one of these sign-ups, you would receive a payment of either $1 or $2 depending on where they lived.

This amount of money is not really impressive, but was used as the taster to hook people in and get them through the six step sign-up process of the system.

At  the stage six of the system, which they termed as The Elite Membership you were needed to sign up for a monthly Getresponse auto-responder account under Reno Van Boven’s referral link and shown how with getresponse to build an email list.

The training on marketing the product was not good and very poor for first time marketers (newbies). To market and promote the website Sales Page you were advised to start an ad-words account. This was money most marketers never saw again, a lot of people lost money by using this method, especially newbies and therefore made an overall loss on the program. Reno didn’t lose, he made many thousands of dollars.

Affiliate App System

The second (fore-runner) product was Affiliate App System, which was dis-continued in 2016 just before the inception of Yoonla. The Affiliate App System was all about building a list of email addresses to market to.

The ‘App system’ was basically a tool that allowed you to create web forms for collecting names and email addresses. These web forms resided within a lead capture page or squeeze page, which were hosted on the Affiliate App System servers.

When you signed up for free, you would be guided through the system and instructed to purchase hosting and a Getresponse auto-responder via Reno Van Boven affiliate sign-up page. The Affiliate App System landing page generator, would then be connected to your auto-responder. All you then needed to do was to drive traffic to your landing page, collect emails and promote the very same products you’d just purchased.

The cost to you would have been the $15.00 per month for the autoresponder. Should you have decided to market the entire affiliated product system as advised, your additional costs would be on top of that. These additional amounts would cover things like the ongoing charges for the domain/hosting, marketing & traffic costs.

The training was not really thorough and although the system was marketed as an ideal vehicle for beginners, I and other ethical marketers would not have been advising new internet affiliate marketers to become involved.

Click on the video below to view Reno Van Boven extolling the virtues of this now discontinued program. There are so many similarities between this sales video and that of the Yoonla sales videos, see what you think.

I believe that due to the success of these two programs and the money they made him, Reno has taken various elements that worked and engineered them into what is now know as Yoonla.

I thought it right and of interest for this review, that I share this background information on what I believe to be the extended history of Yoonla.

After reading the above, I am sure that you can draw your own conclusions in respect of these two former programs of Reno’s

Depending on your view of Yoonla, you can decide if this additional background information sheds a negative shadow over the product or if it portrays Yoonla in a more positive light, making it perhaps now closer to the finished article, and seen as a natural progression of his original idea.

Yoonla Announcement

Well folks, Hot off the Press: – I have just heard that Reno has literally just closed down Yoonla Evolve/Elite as of 22/09/18.

Here is an extract of Reno recent announcement:-

Yoonla™ Evolve CPA Affiliate Campaign Termination:

  • Campaign Cut-off Date: The Evolve CPA Campaign will be terminated with 24 hours notice from today and will discontinue on Saturday 22nd September at 12noon NZST. Any leads and/or Elite upgrades processed after this date and time will be null and void.

Recently, Reno announced in a video, that he was ‘Done with the current state of affairs in the digital marketing & affiliate marketing industry!’ and now wished to distance himself from all the hype and misleading advertising.

He went on to confirmed that although the video outburst was generally aimed at the whole I.M. sector, his decision had been partly brought about by the actions of some dubious affiliates within Yoonla.

Although he had taken action against these affiliates, who had acted against the company policy and removed them. Their under-handed activities and misrepresentation of the company had caused some damage to the Yoonla company name. He now wishes to distance himself from these negative influences and update his product by revamping Yoonla.

Yoonla Phase 3

                                               The All New Yoonla’, (phase 3) will commence in November 2018.

Further Announcements from Reno

The time is right to do things differently, and the All New Yoonla is going to shake up the industry and make some big changes! Due to launch in November – more details will be made available closer to launch date.

Please note: For those of you, who have joined us as a Yoonla™ Elite member, you will receive complementary free access to the All New Yoonla™ platform and training program in November 2018.

Yoonla Evole/Elite is now closed down and at present Yoonla phase 3 is scheduled to re-launch in November 2018. There will be further changes. So watch this space.


Having checked out the program and read a lot of other articles about Yoonla. I would  say that there appears to be roughly a fifty, fifty split between those that are recommending Yoonla and those who are suggesting to steer clear of it.

Now you wouldn’t be surprised, to hear that, of those recommending you to join Yoonla, virtually all of them are existing affiliate members of the product and are trying to get you to sign up under them to earn a CPA commission. Also, of those providing dire warnings about Yoonla and suggesting to stay away from it, almost all of them are using negative sales tactics to trash the product in an attempt to get you to sign up to a different product, that they are promoting.

During my research however, I did come across two reviews, which I believe had greater credibility than all the others put together. Each of them,  (though written from two different perspectives) I feel, more honestly pointed out the true negatives and positives of Yoonla from it’s inception, to date.

One of the reviews was from an affiliate of the product and although felt there were passed failings within Yoonla,  he was happy that the positives out weighed the negatives, very similar to my own views. He was promoting a different company over and above Yoonla, as he felt it helped the new affiliate marketers better.

The other review was from a lady that wasn’t a member of Yoonla but had examined the product and thought the program on the whole to be fair but had some general misgivings with Yoonla Foundation (Phase 1) and also had a few issues with the second phase (Evolve). Both of the reviews gave a very in depth and fair report on the positives and negatives of Yoonla.

After reading each of these two articles, I felt that my own views, were reinforced. The knowledge I already had of the product was enhanced, which helped confirm in my own mind my recommendations regarding Yoonla.

Therefore considering the title of this review and re-asking the original questions:-

Q.1   Is Yoonla a scam?

Ans  I would definitely say No

Q.2   Would I have recommended Yoonla?

Ans  Yes, but with reservations, which I will elaborate on below:-

My Reservations

Whilst I would have been happy to recommend Yoonla, I did see a number of issues, confusion and sleight of hand, especially around Yoonla Foundation. Although some of these problems were dealt with in Phase 2 of the program (Yoonla Evolve/Elite), there was still some missing information and a lot of misdirection and hype used in the sales videos.

The product worked reasonably well and a lot of affiliates did get paid, however, historically there were several complaints from affiliates regarding non-payment, leads declined and not being verified. I researched this aspect a little deeper and it appears that a lot of non-verified leads, which were declined, came from false and duplicate accounts using bad email addresses. These leads were gained from low quality marketing by affiliates not following the company’s Terms Of Service correctly. Those affiliates that acted professionally and worked within the T.O.S. were paid the correct amount and on time.


Reno says “I am Done” see the video here.


Yoonla has had it’s problems and although improved over time, is still not the perfect system, if there really is such a thing. Reno Van Boven does come across as a decent sort of guy and I am sure he and his associates will produce an even better affiliate training product on phase 3 of Yoonla. Hopefully they will include a great training package and make it a very creditable product.

Assuming this to be the case I am pretty sure I will become an affiliate and look to help many others earn an income online .

Yoonla phase 1 & 2 – Pros:




Yoonla phase 1 & 2 – Cons:






Taking all of my findings into consideration and allowing for the negatives, I feel that this product overall was fair. The second phase definitely improved on the Foundation stage. The affiliate products, which were needed to be purchased to market the system were not over-priced, of good quality and generally required for affiliate marketing in any case.

The training provided was only sufficient for the affiliate products associated with Yoonla and not of high quality. More training needs to be provided around other products, ways of producing traffic and S.E.O. (hopefully this will be included in phase 3).

I would have recommended Yoonla Foundation and Evolve/Elite, but not for the absolute beginners or those with limited success in Internet Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning an income online and it has helped me move forward and improved my standard of living.  I would recommend Affiliate Marketing to anyone and suggest that you check out this program. It has taught me how to generate highly targeted traffic every month and provided me with a very good living.


Age – Rates this Product as:- 

6/10 Thumbs Up

Thank you very much for reading this review!

Look Out for my follow-up review on the All New Yoonla (phase 3) when it’s launched, later this year.

If you feel that this article has been helpful to you, I am genuinely happy.  Please help others by sharing this information with your family and friends on social media. If you wish to remark on the Yoonla, I welcome your comments, please write them below this article.

Your friend,



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