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How To Make Money Online?

Do you really want to know –  How to make money online?

Well if you are here and reading this, it’s a fair assumption that you do want to know about making money online………and good for you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting money and if you already have a great income, there is nothing wrong with wanting more.

Whether you believe that “money makes the world go around” or that “love is all you need”, extra money can and will help you.

Just pause for a second, if you had more ‘green backs’ in your back pocket, think of all the good you could do, all the people you could help and the additional love you could pass out to the world.

Are you interested in  –  How to make thousands a week online?

I guess a good starting place here is the next question – Can people really make thousands of dollars or thousands of pounds each week working from home using the internet?

Well unless you’ve just landed from outer space, or only now looking to join the 21st century you should know, that it is absolutely possible to make that sort of money each and every week.

However, unless you’re very lucky or happen to join a program at the optimum moment, you do have to put some effort in to gain the rewards., and even if you’re lucky, you will still have to gain some knowledge to continue moving forward.

You absolutely do have to put in some work, please let me leave you under no shadow of doubt that there will be effort on your part to reap the benefits you wish to achieve. 

I would always suggest you have a good work ethic particularly in the early part of your journey and also which, I think is a must, you should enjoy yourself and enjoy what you’re doing.

OK, you now understand that people are making thousands per week on the internet and you’re probably about there, with your next big question am I right?

If Other people are earning that sort of money, can I?

Well, like I say on my about me page……..

I firmly believe that anyone can make a financial success online.

There are a lot are very successful marketers online, but the failure rate is also high. According to various sources, failure to make any significant money working from home using the internet typically is running at between 90% – 95% of the hopefuls not making it.

I am not bringing these figures to your attention to scare you, unbalance you, or to put you off from even trying, I am just making you aware of what a lot of marketers are reporting on the internet regarding the percentage of online failures.

I personally don’t subscribe to such a high a percentage failure rate, although high, I believe the real figure is somewhat lower. However, that being said, the majority of the people unable to make money on the internet can be attributed to them just plain giving up.

I’m sure a fair proportion of those failing would have hit some snags or obstacles and just felt they didn’t know where to go to get the answers or who to contact. This I believe, would be largely due to lack of training, either from within their chosen program/investment or from their up-line or sponsor. Their enthusiasm would have waned and they just gave up on their dream.

Therefore, I would suggest to improve your chances of successfully making those thousands weekly online, to follow in the words of the great Sir Winston Churchill and “Never, Never, Never, give up!”

Stay with it put the work in and you will get there.

Please understand and accept that there will be bumps, jolts, trips and other challenges along the way, but just treat all of these as positives to learn from and keep moving forward in your business.

Given the name of this Website, I am sure you’ll be happy knowing that I intend to help and guide you through your journey to online financial freedom.

As my blog progresses, I will be advising you of various available tools that can be used to assist you in your search for online success. Further more, and for your benefit I intend to review various opportunities and programs.

These will include some opportunities new to the market as well as some existing ones. I will select some of these opportunities to recommend to you from time to time. They will help and assist you to make money online. Obviously, I will always be here to offer any advice, answer your questions and to assist you when you encounter your challenges.

I myself, obviously am involved in a number of very profitable online opportunities and I will go into detail about these in the next couple of blog posts.

Being involved with these great money producing vehicles (working at the coalface as it were), I will have a greater depth of knowledge and better understanding of how and why they work and will be in an even better position to advise and guide you.

Most of the opportunities I’m involved in are linked, and by linked I mean form part of a system, and ultimately that is what you should be aiming for, especially if you want to make the big bucks.

Having said that, if I were to say to you, just one of those opportunities makes me the sort of income that will blast you towards your ultimate target of earning thousands a week online. You’ll fully understand why I am pumped about these programs, and why I wish to give other people the same chance that was presented to me. 

Of course should you decide to join any of these solid programs which, I will recommend from time to time, I will personally be able to mentor you towards your goal.

Right, so what sort of programs, opportunities, investments are there available to make money online and which ones should you be looking at?

Heck” I’ve just set myself a massive task here. There are so many available ways to make money on the internet, that if I only wrote a paragraph about each, this post would be about 200 pages long and probably put you to sleep, and I certainly don’t want to do that.

In fact, I’m not wishing to bore you in any way shape or form, so please let me know as we go along and as my blog evolves your thoughts on my posts, please connect with me and get involved.

Now, back to the question in hand, there are many ways of making money using the internet, as to whether you will make thousands a week from all of the options available is another matter.

But rather than going into each singular option and extending this post to a ridiculous amount of reading, what I’ll do is cover some of the areas that people are using to earn an income online.

Here’s a List of Ten opportunities to earn online:-

  1. Network Marketing.

  2. Multi Level Marketing.

    I have linked 1. & 2. as a lot of opportunities are covered by both. I will explain later. Basically this is a sales distribution for a particular company product or service. As other people join your team and they sell you make more money.

  3. Affiliate Marketing.

    Marketing other peoples products, programs and services and being paid for doing so.

  4. Blogging

    Blogs can be about virtually any subjects. On your blog you display adverts and recommend products applicable to your chosen niche and if people purchase those products via your website/blog you get paid a commission. 

  5. Work from home Jobs

    Carrying Out Surveys, Admin work, Data Entry, Product Reviews, Testing and trying companies products. Companies pay you for carrying out various tasks and trials.

  6. Sales

    Ebay, Youtube, Amazon, Etsy, Vinted, Fivver, Selling Paintings or Photographs, List selling, Advertising.

  7. Games

    Online video gaming, The playing of, Youtubing about them and selling online games.

  8. Gambling

    Gaming Companies, Binary Options Trading, Forex Trading

  9. Teaching/Tutoring

    Guitar, Piano, Maths, English, Sciences, Other Languages, and much more.

  10. Investment Trading

    Stocks and shares, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin and other commodities.  

The above list is not exhausted by any stretch of the imagination and there are a lot of sub-sections that I could have mentioned as well, but like I said, I don’t want this to article to turn into ‘War and Peace’.I have only provided a very brief indication of the sub-sections that this list of ten titles are connected with, but you get the general gist.

You can rest assure that each one of the sub-sections contains a number of successful business owners earning the thousands a week in income that you are looking for.

Over the 6 years that I have been online, I have looked into the majority of the opportunities on the above list and nailed my colours to a couple. Now, those are the areas I intend to concentrate on my next post/posts.

So………make sure you come back to view my follow-up post, your financial future may depend on it.

Next time ……..

I will cover all the above 10 subject headings in more detail to help you find something that fits with you and your aspirations.

I will however be concentrating on a couple of my favourite headings. As these are the opportunities I feel will provide you with the most likely route to a successful online business and you banking thousands a week in income.

I hope you enjoyed what you’ve just read and that it has helped you and enlightened you, please leave your feedback.

Until next time ……….


Think big, Dream Big, & Go For It.


Helping People…..Help People