The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017

The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2017

I feel I needed to write this Wealthy Affiliate review for 2017, because I really wanted to answer the two burning questions that most prospective internet and affiliate marketers have, and they are :-
WA-2 Blue-Purple
  1. Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

  2.  Will it work for me?




Two questions, I am sure you will have asked yourself and I know you’ll agree, that the answers, will have quite a baring on your decision. Even more so, if you’re considering the idea of making money on-line and have a healthy scepticism about internet earnings in general. What you are thinking and feeling is completely normal.
Well, before I answer those two absolute must questions. Let me give you some background information on Wealthy Affiliate and the two guys that came up with the concept.
Wealthy Affiliate was effectively born in Canada in 2005, and was the brainchild of the two guys pictured below:

Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in 2005 it has been delivering quality educational training and tools to thousands of people all over the world.
Wealthy affiliate was developed by Kyle and Carson to help and assist anyone with a passion and a desire to be successful in earning an income online. Their system, and training has been a great success story and is suitable to anyone wishing to move forward with internet marketing, from the newbie to the seasoned marketer.
Kyle and Carson have a passion for helping people and strive to assist them in reaching their individual online goals. Even though both are incredibly busy internet marketers themselves, they have remained focused on driving WA forward and keeping the content fresh and up to date. They have stayed at the heart of the Wealthy Affiliate community throughout the company’s near 12 year history and both are still very active within the WA community and will personally provide help,advice and assistance when required to any of the thousands of WA business owners.
Now, I have given you some of the background of the company, the concept and a little about Kyle and Carson, let me answer your two most important questions:-


  1. Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

    Ans : It’s an emphatic Yes

  2. Will it work for me? 

    Ans : Yes. …….It will, if you are prepared to put some effort in                  and can follow a basic set of instructions.

Visit W.A. Website

Lets now delve a little deeper into Wealthy Affiliate and take a closer look at the sort of training, education, resources and tools you can expect from such a truly inspiring and well built membership site.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

“It is your free university start up, providing you with the tools and education to learn how to make money on-line”
As the name suggests WA does provide training on how to profit from setting up a business offering affiliate products to people looking to purchase on-line.
You would however, be forgiven for thinking that affiliate marketing training is all that Wealthy Affiliate consists of. This Membership site involves so very much more.
There are certain modules in the training programs specifically aimed at affiliate marketing but this is only a small percentage of the overall package.
The training, resources and education in on-line marketing is phenomenal. Going through the training content here and putting what you learn into practice will push your on-line income from pennies to thousands a week, if that’s what you are looking for.
Unlike the majority of other membership sites that claim to train you in the ways of earning money on-line. WA delivers.



Wealthy Affiliate offers the right tools, training and education and provides you with the opportunity to build your own on-line business around any kind of subject that you are knowledgeable about, have an interest in, or a burning passion to share.
The community that has evolved from WA is extremely helpful and exceptionally knowledgeable and I feel are second to none. Rather than you just being partly associated to a number of individual prima donnas that are only looking out for themselves. You will immediately feel connected to a community of giving entrepreneurs, who are only too happy to pass on their wisdom, knowledge and encouragement.


Should you ever require it, they will even checkout your progress going through the training system and if asked will gladly cast an experienced eye over the building of your websites and offer great constructive feedback.
Having that sort of communal backing and assistance when you are just starting out building your own business is priceless. Just knowing that if you get stuck or require help, that you only need to send a message to the community and answers offering advice come flooding back.

Are already just itching to get started right now, no problem just click below.




With the training and education on offer at Wealthy Affiliate, combined with such a helpful and knowledgeable community, you can scale your business to what ever size you like or the size you feel comfortable with. It is your business and you are always in total control. The only limits placed on the growth of your business are the ones put there by you and are largely dependent upon the amount of time and effort that you are willing to commit to your project.

What Training is Provided

Within Wealthy Affiliate, even as a free member you are able to commence your education in building a successful on-line business immediately, straight off the bat.
Literally, just signing up, you get immediate access to the first element of the training, called Certification Progress 1 (C.P.1). This certification is broken down into 10 user friendly sections, which are easy to understand and follow. Tutorial videos voiced by Kyle accompanies each section, together with the instructions in written format.
At the end of each section you are provided with a tick box of achievement to assist your progress, and once you are happy with the completion of one section you can move on to the next.

age-wa-online_entrepreneur_cert-getting_started_l1-lesson-3 age-wa-certification_getting_started_level_1_lesson-1




This simple step by step process makes building your website(s) with the Wealthy Affiliate platform extremely easy. As a free member you are able to build up to two websites, which will be hosted for you free of charge, so there is no actual cost to you, (ever) as a free member.
Those that have already joined Wealthy Affiliate have loved the ‘Free Joining’ option. There are a number of reasons for that, the major one being the fair and transparent process provided by WA.
Just knowing that there are no catches, trapdoors, or sneaky underhand tactics , allows you to feel at ease and to concentrate on building your business. There aren’t even any over the top up-sells, I mean, can you find this type of fairness in any other program, anywhere else on the internet?
The training provided by Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion is second to none. Following a logical path WA teaches the initial building blocks to assist the creation of a very stable on-line business.
Once you have completed the set-up of your WA account, the C.P. 1, will lead you through the procedure of getting your first website up and running.
You will start from learning the basics of choosing a niche and beginning the build of your website. You will then learn how to get your site ready for S.E.O., understanding keywords and then finding material and ideas to create quality content rich pages.
 Your website is now built, and viewable to the world, so it is time to move up a gear and start adding more useful information for your readership.



Congratulations you are now a blogger. Continue improving, get even more involved with the community at Wealthy Affiliate and become a great blogger. 
Your confidence should by now be growing, time to move on to the next section of the learning process and really crank up your page views.

Why Go Paid? 

One of the major factors that really sets this Wealthy Affiliate membership apart from the rest, is that you can immediately start using the resources completely free of charge. This is such a great feature within WA and means you are able to start building your dream business right away. However, if you opt for the premium membership you unlock so much more in terms of training, help, advice and videos including tips & ideas. This will allow you to move faster towards your business goals, fulfilling your dreams and creating the lifestyle you desire. In addition, making this choice gives you the support of the community, which in my opinion is critical in keeping you motivated, inspired and on track. 
You are able to stay a free member as long as you wish, with no payments ever required, but probably like most of the WA associates you will very quickly recognise the absolute value of becoming a premium member. If you choose to join within the first 7 days you receive a discount on your first monthly premium, reducing it from $49 to $19. From the second month of your membership, your premium would revert back to the standard $49 and remain at this monthly figure. However if you are interested in a continual discount I would strongly advise you to elect to pay annually (just like I have) and receive a substantial discount.
I guess now would be a good time to look at the differences in benefits between a free Member and a Paid Associate, as indicated below in the starter and premium columns:- 




Looking at the above comparison chart you will immediately notice the additional training packages available in the premium membership together with a host of other incredible benefits. These include unlimited access to live support, 1 to 1 coaching,  all the phases of the affiliate boot-camp, private messaging, the complete training classrooms and live video classes. Add to that the website security package and website backup plus a lot more and it’s not surprising that most people go for the paid membership soon after joining.
Below are some snapshots of two of the full training course packages, the classrooms and a very small selection of the live training available for you to study. These can all be accessed once you join the premium membership.




The absolute core of the Wealthy Affiliate membership is it’s phenomenal training. Whilst very helpful and informative the training is simple to understand & follow and applicable in any niche.


The tutorials guide you along a logical path that take you from the foundation stages of building your own online business to scaling it to what ever size you want.





As you progress and gain more knowledge, you can hook into the more advanced training and become an expert in what you do. As well as the main training courses provided in the WA members area, there is also a huge collection of recorded live training events, accessed via ‘The Wealthy Affiliate Live Training’ tab on your dashboard.



These live trainings are held on a regular basis and are fully interactive, but in any case are always recorded. This in itself is a fantastic resource, as there are hundreds of hours’ worth of training on every internet subject you can think of. As the world of online marketing is constantly changing and being up-dated, this will prove to be an excellent way of keeping on top of your game.



Another phenomenal resource available to you will be ‘The Wealthy Affiliate Community’. The community within WA is so active, that the support provided to each & every member is staggering. Just ask a question and usually the answer will appear within minutes of typing. This is because your questions are being ask to a real giving audience of hundreds of affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs, inside the Wealthy Affiliate network. It’s great that you can build a network of friends with these fantastically helpful people and follow them, in turn they will follow you and be on hand to help and provide advice in times of need.

Wealthy Affiliate also have Technical Support. The tech team are there standing by, ready to help with any complicated issues that can’t be solved in the community help system. ‘Speaking from personal experience they are brilliant and fast.’

I am sure by now you will understand  that WA not only provides excellent online training, but like a University has a huge social interaction among it’s members so the site has a live chat option.  This gives you the opportunity to ask for opinions or just chat in general about whatever is on your mind!

Who is the Wealthy Affiliate Membership Designed for? 

Wealthy Affiliate is not your average marketing training course where you get told to do A,B,C  then hope for the best.  WA. has been designed by Kyle and Carson to show anyone, how to take their on-line earnings from zero to making a full time income and more.

Within the membership area you will find many training videos, tutorials, help and advice on every subject imaginable to assist anyone wanting to create an on-line business. The courses at Wealthy Affiliate encourage and show you how to construct a business around an interest or passion you have and drive it forward. The platform and the trainings have all been put together with great care and precision, in such a way that will suit everybody including the novice or newcomer.

Groups of People WA. will ideally suit:-

  • Internet Marketers.
  • Anyone looking for a way to earn extra income on-line.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • Anyone that is looking to work full or part time as an on-line marketer.
  • Anyone that wants to build a professional website.
  • Retired people who are looking for additional income.
  • Anyone that wants to increase the rank of a website that they already own.
  • Students looking for extra money.
  • People who want to sell or promote their own products on-line.
  • Writers & Bloggers who require maximum on-line exposure.
  • Anyone that has failed in the past to make money on-line and wants to succeed!


 To give my readers a clear indication of my personal thoughts on any  product review I do and whether I would recommend it or not, I have devised a new ranking system,

I call it the ‘Thumb-o-meter’

The products will rank between  ‘9.9’ – Large Green Thumb’s Up – (Highly Recommended)

and a  ‘1’ – Big Red Thumb’s Down – (Not Recommended).


Wealthy Affiliate is without doubt one of the best products on the market and I would highly recommend joining and give it my top score of 9.9 and a big ‘Thumbs up’.

I hope you have found this review interesting and helpful.                                  

Although I cannot say that this is an unbiased review (as I am a member), I have tried to give an overall fair review. I do however find it is extremely hard to come up with any massive negatives about the program.  

Below is a quick recap, by way of some fors and againsts. 


Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons.


After reading this review, you will no doubt realise that I have left a massive amount off the Pros list.

  • Honest, Legal, Straight forward, phenomenal support, and will make you money.
  • You are able to generate income within any niche (ideally choose something you like or are passionate about).
  • There are so many helpful video tutorials on WA covering all aspects of getting your site live and earning.
  • You are able to create two websites of your choice totally Free (unbelievable Value).
  • A fantastic helpful, knowledgeable and giving community that just want to help you succeed.
  • Various levels of basic and advanced training.
  • Great keyword research tools.
  • 1 on 1 coaching.
  • Able to earn while you learn.
  • Live video classes and previously recorded material on virtual any subject connected to making money online.
  • Start for Free and stay free for as long as you want, however when you see paid benefits, you’ll want to go paid.


Honestly, it is so hard to find any major negatives with this product. Kyle and Carson really have put together a fantastic program here.  Having said that, I don’t believe any program can ever get a 10 out of 10, every product has Pros and Cons, there will always be a downside however slight, so here are a few:

  • This will not produce instant income, you do have to put in some work and effort and learn some new skills.
  • The Free membership is excellent, but to access all the training and gain greater success faster you need to be a premium member.
  • Even though all the information and video tuition is in order, it can still feel daunting having to learn new ideas.
  • As you connect with more people, you will find you’ll receive more and more email notifications, this can be negative and positive.

Ready to take the next step and take a good look:

Well, whether you are just curious about making a little extra income, or you’re really serious and want to build a huge online income, then in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is essential for you.

Take a look at the free membership by clicking the link below. The membership will cost you nothing more than the time it takes you to enter your name and email address in order to get started. If you join via the link below, not only will you get the full support of the Wealthy Affiliate community and technical team but you will also get my full support and wealth of experience too. Once you click the link below, you will be taken to my page where you will be able to get your free membership and discount option should you wish to upgrade to the premium membership quickly.    

Click Here or The Free Starter Membership Button Below


Wealthy Affiliate is an on-line fountain of knowledge that will teach anyone how to earn an income on the internet and is designed to be used by anybody.



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