What is the 4 Percent Group – Is it a Scam?

The Spotlight Falls on The 4 Percent Group

What Is the 4 Percent Group – Is it a Scam?

Hopefully after reading this whole article, which will provide you with an honest opinion on the product and the people involved, you will have enough information to decide if this is a good opportunity for you.

What Is the 4 Percent Group - Is it a Scam?The information here in this article will allow you to make an informed decision whether it is something that you should be putting your hard earned money into or to just walk away from.

I will provide you with the background to the scheme and the driving force behind the product. This information will assist you in understanding exactly what the 4 Percent Group is all about, it’s purpose, what it is really designed to do and who it will ultimately benefit.


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The Founder and Leader

Whenever I’m looking at a review of a product, I’m always interested in the people involved in the development of that product and those responsible for bringing it to the marketplace.

I think it’s important to know something of their background and perhaps details of any other products or schemes they have been involved in previously.

If you have received information or seen any of the sales videos in respect of the 4 Percent Group or if you are considering getting onboard with this program,  then you need to read on.


This product has been engineered and is run by Vick Strizheus. I believe it is very much in your interest to know a little about the main man at the helm of the 4 Percent Group, as well as some more in depth details regarding the product. This could prove to be an enlightening experience for you.


Firstly who is Vick Strizheus?

Vick, Vic or  Vitaliy Strizheus was originally from the Ukraine, and is a very successful Internet Marketer and What Is the 4 Percent Group - Is it a Scam? The 4 Percent Group is headed up by Vick Strizheus.Marketeer. He has been growing in stature within the realm of online marketing for some 12 years plus. Vick is very knowledgeable within the sales and internet marketing arena and has made millions of dollars from the schemes he has been involved with.  His sales videos are very convincing and he comes across as a very likeable, caring and helpful, family man, who has your success at heart.  However…………read on……….

Vick has somewhat of a checkered past in respect of his businesses dealings. He was the man behind ‘Big Idea Mastermind’  (BIM) an impressive sounding concept name, but in reality was just a feeder scheme for his Empower Network membership, basically a ‘marketing funnel’ for this scam pyramid scheme, which has recently filed for Bankruptcy.

The beginning of the end for Big Idea Mastermind was engineered by Vick Strizheus himself when he was effectively caught with his hands in the till. He had swapped a number of BIM members affiliate Identities (IDs) with his own, so that any commissions made on sales by those members would be credited to him. This is pretty serious stuff, ripping off anyone, is just plain bad, but doing it to the people that believed in you and trusted you, that’s beyond belief.

I will say that his Big Idea Mastermind (BIM) did work well …..for him…., but not necessarily for a lot of inexperienced and hopeful internet dreamers that were suckered in, unwitting helping him make thousands at the expense of their loses.


Vick was also the main protagonist in another program called ‘Project Breakthrough’ yet another marketing funnel, 'The High Traffic Academy',The Founder of The High Traffic Academy was Vick Strizheus.this time for a scheme called ‘The High Traffic Academy’, another scheme which sells more grossly over priced hyped information on sales techniques and marketing.

The setup for  ‘Project Breakthrough’ was a free 14 day (fast) video course on education in making money from Internet marketing. Most accredited professionals will tell you is impossible to learn this subject in two weeks.

In Video 3 it is made very clear to progress further in the course you are required to upgrade  into a way over-priced program called ‘The High Traffic Academy’  for $297.00 per month. Failure to do so would render the rest of the course virtually useless. This did however prove to be another winner for Vick and his associates.

Oh yeah! …..one other piece of information that I think is appropriate to mention here regarding Vick (Vitaliy) Strizheus is that he is also a “convicted con-man” (the prosecutor’s words, not mine). His conviction was for grand theft in 2007 for which, he was given a 90 day prison sentence, suspended for 5 years. He had stolen over $30,000 in unearned commissions by forging life assurance applications with false information on people who didn’t even exist.

Watch Video Here

Like I said earlier, I believe it is important to know the background to people involved in any product that you are considering investing your precious time, effort and money in to.

Vick Strizheus​ is without doubt a great communicator and trainer in the Internet Marketing industry and whilst I believe everybody should have a second (or even a third) chance, does a leopard change it’s spots?


Is the 4 Percent Group Vick’s next ‘money harvester’ ?

I wonder if it?…………………..

…….will be any different from his previous money grabbers?

…….will provide the affiliate income for it’s members?

…….will be linked to yet another pyramid scheme?

…….will provide value at a fair price?

…….will be safe for it’s members?

…….will be a scam?

Ultimately you must decide………..read on.


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So, what is the 4 Percent Group Product?

Well in essence the 4 Percent Group is not exactly a product in itself. It is infact a marketing funnel (wow! Where have we read that before?)

Interestingly, in one presentation, Vick tells us how he came up with the 4% name for his product. He used the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule. This rule can be used in any industry, in our industry Internet Marketing most people wish to become debt- free. Thus the rule can be applied as follows, if there were a hundred people who wished to be debt free, 80% of them would talk about it and do nothing and 20% would take action and do something about it.  Applying the Pareto Principle to that resultant 20%, 16 people (80%) would try a few things, but stay in their comfort zone, kick tyres,  and achieve a little success but 4 people would go at it hell for leather and hit their target, these are Vick’s four percenters.


Vick Strizheus further explains that the 4 Percent Group has been set up to help those individuals with little or no experience of making money online, to at last succeed and make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a short space of time.

This is a very similar message given out in his Big Idea Mastermind sales videos,  the same message (Sales hook) that led many inexperienced hopefuls to join forces with him on their perilous and costly ‘Empower Network’ journey.

A positive for the 4 Percent Group however, is that unlike Big Idea Mastermind,  the content of this marketing funnel contains some decent quality products like GetResponse, Aweber, Click Funnels, Leadpages, Udimi and Names Cheap, which is a major plus point. They do promote another company called Tecademics, which I’ll touch on later.

Once you enroll and pay your $49.00, you are sent to the 4% Group members area​. This funnels you through an affiliate sign up procedure in the members area for certain products that have been pre-selected by Vick.


The screenshot below is Step 1 of the MSI affiliate sign-up page and is for paying customers only :-

Form for completion in the First step in gaining Multiple Streams of Income with The 4 Percent Group.


The Mechanics of The 4 percent Group

Once here, you watch the corresponding video on each product and sign up for the affiliate account then synchronize the sales pages. As a member of the 4 Percent Group once you have purchased the Click Funnels product the process will then consolidate the information and set up your personal affiliate links into the 4 Percent Group umbrella marketing funnel.

After you have managed to persuade someone to join under you and they enter the 4 Percent Group via your affiliate link, a commission is generated.

This in essence is the principle of affiliate marketing and is a very fair and an accepted business practice. Usually signing up for a product affiliate account is free. Sometimes however, you have to own a product to be an affiliate and earn commission, this is the case here at The 4 Percent Group.

The Hidden Information Aspect.                               A secret cupboard for The Hidden Information.

Have you noticed that a lot of the top Internet Marketers who become involved in scam & sham products, always produce very slick and convincing video sales presentations but miss out some major important information. All appear to have this trait and employ the same tactic and use the Hidden Information Aspect.

They don’t wish to be seen or caught telling lies, they just don’t like to tell you the complete truth (a very subtle difference).

The video presentations for The 4 Percent Group, are no different. A major piece of information missed out, is that in order for the entire funnel to work, you must be a member and own each of the promotional products.

Furthermore you are not taught how to source free traffic, the 4 Percent Group concentrate only on paid traffic sources. This may well proved to be too onerous and too expensive for new and inexperienced marketers and those working within a budget.


Will You Follow The Hype?

I am sure that now the hyped sales video presentations of the 4 Percent Group have been out in the market place for a number of months, there will be an alarming number of newbie and inexperienced internet starters, queing to sign up. All convinced that once their first monthly fee of $49.00​ is paid they will be making $100s or even $1000s per week within weeks.​

Unfortunately to their disappointment and cost they find the reality is somewhat different to the picture painted in the sales videos. To run this system you will need to not only purchase membership to the 4 Percent Group at $49.00. You will then also​ need to buy Click Funnels, an Aweber account or GetResponse account, Click Magick, and a Names Cheap account.

Rather than just $49.00, the true cost will be in excess of $175.00 per month and will look like the list below:

  1. The 4 Percent Group Membership – $49 pm
  2. Click Funnels sign up – $97pm
  3. Aweber account – $19pm
  4. Click Magic – $12pm
  5. Names Cheap – $ 1pm

This forms the basis of the initial marketing funnel but ultimately the owners of the 4 Percent Group want you to purchase and sell on their high ticket item.

This high ticket product is an Internet Marketing Training course called Tecademics.

Once purchased you would qualify for 40% commission on all your future sales. The cost to you would be a further $100.00 per month at the first level, then a one off payment of $2,000.00 for the next level and finally an additional $10,000.00 for the top level.

The total commission generated for this purchase would be $4,800.00 plus $40.00 per month recurring, however remember you are required to own the product first before any commission is paid to you. Therefore you would need to first splash-out $12,000.00 plus an additional $100.00 per month, meaning you would have to convince and refer (or stitch up) three other people before you are in profit.

Should you decide not to buy this course, any commission generated from people you have introduced will be paid to the person that introduced you (as long as they have purchased Tecademics first).

Therefore, to purchase and run the entire system the cost to you would be in excess of $12,275.00.

Typically in the 4 Percent Group sales videos a lot of testimonials are shown revealing weekly commission earnings of $2,000 and $4,800.00 plus, these are displayed to act as convincers to the masses.

All at sea in the Poor House.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this will be easy money…….. It won’t ……….. and may very well send you to the poor house.





Age – Rates this Product as:-    

 3/10  Thumbs Down

The Thumb-o-meter for rating Scams

Is This For You, Should You Invest?

Should You Invest Your Valuable Time, Your Effort and Your Hard Earned Cash ?

Below I have recapped some of the relevant points you should and take into consideration and some questions you should be asking yourself before making your decision:

  1. Can I trust the people involved in this scheme?
  2. What will the total cost be to me ?
  3. How much are the ongoing costs?
  4. Will the training be comprehensive and sufficient to help the inexperienced?
  5. Will Vick Strizheus be any different with this scheme?
  6. Does this sound too good to be true?

Although, I can not say that the 4 percent Group is a scam in itself, as a number of the products used in the funnel are from well known and high quality companies,  but as time unfolds it may transpire that the 4 Percent Group is yet another one of Vick’s feeder programs, this time to Tecademics.

I would encourage you giving due consideration to the above information and exercise caution.


The 4 Percent Group without doubt will make money for ……….. Vick Strizheus, some experienced internet marketers and the gurus (unfortunately this will be at the expense of the newbies and inexperienced marketers) and the people that can ill afford to lose money.

I would suggest that if you are inexperienced, working within a budget or new to internet and affiliate marketing you should give this product an extremely wide berth.

Affiliate Marketing Road sign.


Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are fantastic areas to work within when looking to start an online business, but you do need to learn certain fundamentals.

There are a lot of scammers online just waiting to take you and your money for a ride. There are also a lot of massively overpriced, rehashed and out of date garbage being peddled just to rip people off.  You need to be aware and stay safe, make sure you keep tuned into my site  https://thousandsaweekonline.com.

All is not dark and dismal though, you will be pleased to know that if you do your research and read the right reviews there are shimmering lights out there.  These Beacons will lead you to a number of good and trustworthy products & programs.

  • You need to be looking for High Quality training, which will help you become successful.
  • Something that will lead you and guide you on the correct path.
  • A training package that delivers results.
  • A product/company run by helpful and totally trustworthy people.
  • Something inexpensive but yet provides immense value and absolutely works, .

High quality courses in Internet and Affiliate Marketing should not be cost prohibitive, especially for beginners and the less experienced.

You should check out my #1 Recommendation as it encompasses all the above elements.


Thanks for taking the time in reading this review.

If you feel that this article has been helpful to you, I am happy.  Please help others by sharing this information with your family and friends on social media. If you wish to remark on the 4 Percent Group, I welcome your comments please write them below this article.


Talk soon,

Your friend,



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