Work At Home Jobs For The Disabled.

Work At Home Jobs For The Disabled.


Having the right to work and the ability to create an income, is a very important and valuable right in the modern world.  Whilst there are many job opportunities available for the able-bodied, the same can’t be said for the disabled community. Many more wish to work but with fewer employment options open to them and individual disabilities potentially reducing options still further, a lot are resigning themselves to just surviving on benefits.

Most are not happy with this situation, angry in some cases, especially with benefits being reduced in many countries around the world.  More are looking for alternative ways to supplement their family budgets, searching out other income options available to them.

An increasing number are turning to the internet, which I believe is a great idea, especially as there are a good number of work at home jobs for the disabled available online. You do, however, need to proceed with caution, know what to expect, where and what to look for.  I will cover all of these issues later in this article and show you how virtually anybody can earn a fantastic income online if they are prepared to put some effort in.

Benefits are Being Reduced Worldwide

In this current economic climate, where governments around the world are looking to save money, budgets are being cut in most of their departments. Unfortunately, it always appears that the benefits are the first to be reduced and suffer the greatest cuts.

When the benefit budgets are attacked, especially those that directly affect people living with disabilities, it adds a further negative impact on their lives. For some people, this can even lead to greater health issues, especially if they have the threat of their benefits being reduced or even worse stopped altogether.

When governments make unpopular decisions, people will show their opposition.

A recent move by the UK government, which effectively reduced benefits for the disabled community, understandably annoyed a lot of the people. Marches were attended in London by many disabled people, their families, and carers. Check out and see what they had to say about the cuts and reductions.


People Don’t Just Want To ‘Get-By’.

The benefits available for those who are eligible, are without doubt a god-send and certainly make a major improvement to the lives of the claimants. However, things can change and often do.

Nobody is saying that certain benefits will be cut altogether but benefits have been reduced and could be subject to more ‘red tape’ in the future. We all know that there will be further changes over the coming years and I think it would be a very brave person who believes that these changes will be totally positive and not at all detrimental for the present recipients.

Many of the disabled people I’ve heard from and spoken with, don’t want to just rely and ‘get by’ on government handouts and benefits, this only increases the stress in their lives. On the whole, people enjoy working and making a meaningful contribution.

We all like to connect with people, interaction is important, be it face to face, voice, or via the internet. Most people love to enrich their own and other people’s lives and strive to make a better future for themselves and their families.

Being able to better ourselves, help our families, raise our standard of living is a basic goal for virtually everyone. Having a disability or a chronic illness does not lessen that feeling, in fact in a lot of cases it helps drive those people even harder towards their goal.

More people than ever are searching the internet for ways of increasing their income.  They are looking online for help, advice, and ideas for generating revenue. Some are just looking to make a little additional income, whilst others are taking it more seriously and striving to make it their main income provider.

Innovations within the I.T. sector, high-speed internet access, an increase in available work online and a reduction in costs, have all helped drive more people towards seeking out these internet opportunities.

Over the last 10 plus years, many hundreds of thousands of people have created successful online businesses, but only a very small percentage of those are from the disabled community.

This small percentage figure is set to rise and grow worldwide, as a greater number of people with disabilities realise the advantages of having their own work at home business.  Will you be the next success?

Why Do People Want To Work From Home?

There are many varied reasons why people want to work from home. I believe two of the main reasons, are the flexibility of working hours and the non-necessity of commuting.

For people with disabilities and chronic illness having the flexibility to work when they are able and the need for rest, when required, is a very important factor. Add to this the ability to work from your own home (somewhere familiar) and be close to family and friends, yet still be in contact with the whole world, then it becomes very understandable why more are looking to earn via the internet.

Here are some other reasons why people are increasingly turning to the internet for work from home jobs.



  • More time with the family  You’ve heard the phrase ‘living for the weekend’, it’s true to a very large extent. People work Monday through Friday and look forward to spending quality time with their family and friends at the weekend. Time is a precious thing and time with family very precious. This can be considered as a great perk for those working from home.
  • A reduction in stress –  There would be considerably less stress in a home environment. Think about it, no stress leaving the house on time or getting home late, no stress commuting, no stress with co-workers, enabling you to give 100% to your work.
  • No office politics –  If you’ve ever worked in an environment where you have to check which side of the bed someone has got up from before talking to them or constantly have the fear of walking on eggshells around colleagues and bosses, then you will totally understand why this reason has made the list and is a major factor in people wanting to work from home.
  • It’s cheaper –  An obvious big saving in monetary terms would be on travel expenses.  Other possible savings would potentially come from spending less on meals and you wouldn’t need expensive smart office wear, working in your PJ’s is an option, though  I don’t necessarily recommend it.

I’m sure that if you took a few moments, and considered this flexible working option from a personal point of view (perspective), you could come up with several other reasons yourself.

For me and many others around the world working from home is just fantastic.  I absolutely love the freedom of working from home and although I put in some hours initially, it really didn’t feel like it and boy has it been worth it. I have been working online for a few years now and would say that up until 2016 my income had been reasonable for the hours I’d worked.

From 2017 however, that all changed for the better and my monthly income began to steadily increase. This up-turn in my income started when I came across this phenomenal program, (which is free to start) and has now turned into my main income provider. Over the couple of years that I have used this platform, I have got to know some truly wonderful people, both able-bodied and disabled, many now finding their first successes online and all very thankful in finding this truly wonderful system, which just plain works (as long as you do). Check it out, you’ll be over the moon you did.


The Work-Life Balance.

Many people rec0gognise how precious time is and most wish to spend more of it with family and friends. Virtually all, however, feel their lives are being over-stretched and time-manipulated by others, that sometimes, they don’t know where to turn to next.

Most people accept that there needs to be more balance in their lives. They are looking for greater synergy between their work commitments, the family, rest and their leisure time activities and quite often these come into conflict with each other. The common denominator here with all four of these elements (and any others you may have), is time. The task in hand is utilising that time more effectively and spending enough of it on each aspect of your life to satisfy both yourself and the other people involved in that activity. Achieve this and you have just cracked the Work-Life Balance equation and your prize will be greater happiness and more time freedom.


A lot more people are understanding the greater benefits of creating a balanced lifestyle.

They are realising not only the benefits to themselves but also the greater positive effects it has on their families and people closest to them.

The work-life balance is now a massive consideration to people when looking for employment or considering starting their own business.

Choosing to balance out your life, can help create more time for you and your family.

Many say it is absolutely essential to create a healthy balance between work, rest, play and your family life when it comes to leading a happy and productive life.


For some people, the process can appear to be time-consuming, whilst others, that realise the importance of a more balanced life-style move more quickly towards their Life – Time freedom goal.

Different people have different time scales but in reality, moving towards a more balanced lifestyle doesn’t take that long. Having the right mindset will help and then you just need to start the process. Remember you don’t have to change everything in your life immediately, just begin to alter the simpler aspects of your life and this will help drive you towards a more balanced lifestyle.


What Opportunities are available online?

Increasingly there are more opportunities available to work on the internet from home.  These work at home jobs are many and varied and can provide the flexibility that a lot of disabled people are looking for.

Some of the opportunities available are from large well-known and respected companies looking to out-source tasks, which with a little online training can be effectively done from a home environment. Other tasks may require greater technical knowledge but still could be worked from home.

Typical Tasks out-sourced are:

  • Customer Services
  • Technical Support
  • Quality Control
  • Data Entry
  • Transcription
  • Translation

Here are just a few names of well-known companies hiring disabled people for out-sourced work:

  • Amazon:- the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Are continually looking for virtual/remote workers to fulfill positions as customer service representatives, working from home.
  • American Express: –are in the top 20 of remote job companies. Always interested in finding ‘work at home’ personnel to fill various positions in the company. Covering Customer Services, Human Resources, Lifestyle, and Travel.
  • Apple:-  A massive tech company that prides itself on inclusion and looks for ways to support employees with disabilities. Is always interested in finding good technically minded people to join their Home team Advisor and Manager rolls, which looks to provide great customer service.
  • Hilton:- Is a well respected and renowned employer in the hospitality sector.  The remote positions available are varied you just need to check through the vacancies advertised with their hotels, inns, and resorts under the Hilton brand umbrella.
  • Xerox:- Another massive tech company, this time in the printing arena. They employ over 8,000 remote workers in various parts of the company and also are very keen on working with veterans as part of the Heros@Home program.

Some of the above work at home opportunities require technical skills and knowledge, which may not suit everyone. For some people, becoming an employee and working for one company may not be what they are looking for.



Interested In Starting Your Own Online Business.

Those that have an entrepreneurial flair may wish to start their own business and built it big.  They may embrace learning new skills and processes and want to create multiple income streams and push towards a six-figure income.  Whilst others may just want something that brings in a little extra cash.

Whatever you want to achieve online, you can. There are many avenues you can pursue, which will provide a great many income opportunities but I must stress you do need to find the right help and training, and someone that can guide you to the right opportunities. All that glitters is not gold.

Here are some examples of jobs anyone with the right skills can do and turn into a business:

  • Translation     – If you are able t0 speak, understand and type other languages and translate them to and from English. then there are plenty of opportunities for you online. If you have a background in finance, law, medicine etc as well then you may well be sought after.
  • Teaching         – There are various teaching opportunities online, from tutoring children and adults in the English language to passing on your knowledge in say Maths, Science,  finance, IT and more to students requiring help.
  • Transcription – Always in demand within the field of Medicine, so if you have a background in medicine and are able to type then there is virtually unlimited work available to you.
  • Writing           –  Writing online can be very lucrative and something that will always be required, it is effectively future-proofed.  Whether you wish to write good articles for other people and get paid or create your own passive income by writing for yourself you will always make money. The only skills you require are being able to type (or know someone that can ) and a willingness to learn.

The top three of the above opportunities may appeal to some of you that already possess the applicable skillset the forth one ‘Writing’  I will cover shortly.

Below I have listed 8 other opportunities, which anyone can use to make a little extra income and upscale if required into a business (income Stream). The last two are my favourites :


1. Sell On Ebay (Things You No Longer Need)

Ebay is still very popular in the buy and sell marketplace. It is a great place to sell no longer wanted items. You can make some reasonable money depending on what you are selling and it is possible to up-scale it if you want to by selling other people’s stuff using eBay consignment.

2. Sell Craft Items You Make On Etsy

If you are a knitter, a quilter,  a baskets maker or if you enjoy making anniversary cards, models basically a crafter of any degree then you can use Etsy to advertise and sell your items and make some cash. There are so many niches applicable to Etsy the options are wide open fort he Art and craft makers. Other competitors have entered the Etsy space to also consider a couple to look at would be eCrater and Bonanza.

3. Complete Data Entry Tasks

There are a few legitimate companies that hire home workers for Data Entry, but be on your guard. Check out any businesses you are considering working with, thoroughly, as this area of the work from home industry has and still is plagued by scammers. They advertise false companies and provide wrong and out of date information just to fleece you and steal your money.

4. Create Gigs on Fivver.com

If you have a talent or can provide a service that other people need and require, you could market and sell it on Fivver.com.  You place your skills on offer for $5.00 (known as a gig) and once you complete the transaction your buyer rates you and what you offer. It may start slowly as you establish yourself but imagine selling your skill many times over per week or month. A great number of people have turned their Fivver gigs into a full-time income.

5. Watch Videos and Earn

If you are someone who loves watching YouTube videos and are happy to rate, share and comment on them, then you can earn from your endeavours. You can make some money but don’t expect to get rich. You can view from paid2youtube  there are others available but a lot pay in tokens or points.

 6. Take Surveys

This is another way of making some extra money. The top earners have been making $1,000+ a month over a number of years. However, they are established and are able to attract the top paying surveys. New people starting, tend to have a lot of surveys which pay a lot less and take some time to complete. Also, take note you will not qualify for all surveys. Personally, I am not massively keen on this way of making money, I believe it takes a long time to earn decent money but it has always been another big target for scammers. There are a number of legitimate sites you can visit and check out,  so here are a few for you to consider if this is for you. Swagbucks, Vindale Research, Pineconeresearch, and  Surveyjunkie

7. Blogging

Start your own blog, and write about something you have an interest in. You can virtually talk about any subject you like in a Blog. Everybody has a favourite interest, hobby or pastime. Just think about your own life experiences and what could you share to help and educate others. The great thing about the business of blogging is that you can monetise them in quite a few ways and earn a very good living for a long time.

8. Affiliate Marketing

This is considered by many people as being one of the most effective ways of generating an income on a daily basis. Affiliate Marketing is not massively complicated but to become successful at it, you will need guidance and assistance from someone with the experience.  Someone, who can take you through the basics step-by-step process and move you towards your income goals.

The above lists of opportunities available on the internet are just a selection, some of them I like and others I am not keen on for various reasons. All of them, however, have one thing in common, you have to put some work in to gain a return.


When Choosing your Opportunity, Beware!

I am sure a number of you have already ventured online and viewed opportunities to earn money and many will have presented themselves to you.  Of those of you that have tried out some, I am willing to ‘wager’ a fair percentage would have felt ripped off and had their fingers burnt, so to speak.

There are literally thousands of ‘make money’ opportunities on the internet, however, care needs to be taken when searching out these opportunities, check things out thoroughly, as a number are of a dubious nature and are just made available to scam people. They will take your cash, rather than making you money.

To a degree, it is a natural instinct to want to look around every corner and under every rock to check out all these So-called ‘golden’ opportunities.  You might feel compelled to try each and everyone, hoping that you will find ‘the one opportunity’ that is going to provide you with the financial security you are looking for. In our industry this is known as the ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’, but don’t fall into this trap.

Now I don’t wish to put anybody off from searching online for these opportunities, just beware when looking ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Having spent some years online myself, I know a lot of the potential pitfalls out there, and I want to help people find the good opportunities and follow the right path to success, rather than falling prey to the scammers. A major contributory factor to your ultimate success, once you have found a good and trustworthy opportunity, will be the training, help, and support you receive especially during the early period of your new venture.

As you view these various online products, programs, and schemes, you will naturally be drawn to them.  Some will provide great knowledge and set you on the right path, others will be helpful and informative, a lot, however, will definitely be designed to trick you and set you up for scamming.

Going back a few years, when I was first looking for income opportunities, I picked up quite a few shiny objects myself and got my fingers burnt by the scammers, not a nice feeling. Although I have considered many of the opportunities in this article, most came without the right training, help or assistance, which is so important. In the early years, things didn’t progress too well, I had some success but not really what I was hoping or looking for. It was only when I discovered how to do Affiliate Marketing and write a Blog the correct way, that things started to move up through the gears. This helped me to where I am now and it could also teach you: How to build a full-time income online with no experience.


After reading this article I hope you can feel that there are options open to you and believe that you can use the internet to help create your own online business and provide additional income for you and your family.

My wish was to create a helpful, meaningful and useful article, which would provide ideas and assistance to the disabled community and their families. I would love to think by writing this, I could inspire many disabled and disadvantaged people to look to the internet as a way of becoming more financially independent.


Please feel free to voice your thoughts, connect and leave a comment below.


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